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2.These white folks are in the extreme being a much rarer individual aware of what's REALLY going on in the world.They who realize this experience of life as a dream, a matrix or hologram or an overlay, an agreement, a Greek tragedy etc..These people are empaths, often taking in all stimuli--thoughts, feelings, the spoken/unspoken, conscious/subcon/uncon almost as if by osmosis. They are natural teachers and healers, connected to the earth in their awareness of Her as a Living Being, although they may be ungrounded in the mundane world. They can suffer(or benefit) from depression, ADHD/ADD, drug-addiction, schizophrenia, self-imposed isolation as a defense mechanism or as a way to recharge/reflect/ regroup. They can be anti-social merely because of emotional and/or mental fragility or an odd sense of needing to self-heal by having and feeling the stillness and quietness of oneness or of the Oneness. These people are mortified at the thought of the atrocities of their white ancestors--many to the point of wanting to denounce their own race. They can't understand hate, racism and violence and cannot hold it in their hearts at all. They are in an ever state of change, growth, learning, evolving, refining, catharsis-eternally, internally burning off the dross in themselves. They see the Oneness, equality, purpose of and in ALL and truly strive for peace and tolerance and harmony. Individuals of Integrity
She's a tree hugging, spider-saving caucazoid who loves eclectic music of all kinds as long as it inspires creative awareness.

I may be (a) caucazoid but I know that white doesn't mean right.
by tah-dard! October 18, 2011
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1. The common, garden-variety type of member of the white/caucasian race, who bear basic traits normally associated with the intolerant, violent, plundering, service-to-self whites of our "given" history. This faction of the white race is on an evolutionary path of degeneration-physically, emotionally, spiritually as the caucasian is generally the least resistant to spiritual subjugation. These people make successful sleepers, blanks, walk-outs, automatons, greys(in the future)global elites, socialites, sociopaths, borderlines, politicians, career criminals, players, posers, yes-men, charlatans, self-appointed ______, criminals, zealots, psychic vampires, charismatics and unfortunately a growing number of artists of every kind. The lists goes on and on, generally people who care little to nothing of others, display no compassion or heart, no sense of guilt or remorse for negative actions, maintain their skewered sense of "rightness"(usually because in their minds, they've done nothing wrong, it's always someone elses "fault"). People who have or seem to have no soul or that display an overly and negative reptilian quality.
This is not to define that all or most of the people in the list above are souless, devouring vortexes of pure evil. There are very decent police officers, lawyers, car salesmen and county workers etc.. who do among others, fall under the lesser-known, second definition of caucazoid.
Did you just see that caucazoid who looks so road-enraged he very nearly shape-shifted into a velociraptor right in front of us!!

Those reptilian caucazoid life force sucking bastards are running for office again.
by tah-dard! October 18, 2011
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Someone who does not have a a facial Stucture like a Europeans, like
Chinks, blacks, jungle People, the kind that lives in greenland.
Well, Caucazoids
- They are most likely tall and white and is either a Atheist, jew, christian, muzlem(muslim). In most rare cases they are not what is mentioned above, then they are South Asians(Northern south-asians).

- Very Hairy, tend to have more then one eye color or hair color.
-Succesful in life
-Secretly hates chinks and blacks
by Elixz February 11, 2015
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