A biblical name, Japheth stems from a special place, which results in being a special boy; young male. Japheth is bright and smart, charming, and loves playing 2k17. You'll catch Japheth playing ball or playin bitches, but when he's showed loyalty and love by a female he gives them his all. He's funny and loves to laugh, doesn't like to admit it but he's a cuddly type guy. He's brave and strong even though he's most likely really skinny. On the more inappropriate side, Japheth is a monster in bed, the best at head, and will fuck you into dehydration. Get you a Japheth, he'all treat you AND dick you down right!!! Japheth only cuffs bad bitches btw, he might fuck a few ugly ones cause they're ezpz, but he only dates cute girls, so if you're dating a Japheth you sexy af.
That guy Japheths girlfriends a dime!
You seen that dude Japheth? He's so good at basketball.
Japheths got a nice peen. Mhmmm.
by Weysal August 04, 2017
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Cedar-huffing, fart-blasting, cookie-loving young male.
That Japheth has been huffing that chest for last 2 hours.
by Dr. Ewkline March 09, 2017
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To be a japheth means to simp for a girl named alayna it also mean to enjoy big anime tiddes.
I was being a japheth yesterday
by SIR yeetus the third June 30, 2020
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An American name, Japheth usually means a strange but pretty cool dude that is like a girl, but in a good way, has a very short temper as well, and gets along with Mexicans/Blacks, but can't stand racist whites, Canadians, Germans, or pretty much any other race. Will be the future white Hitler, and responsible for killing Donald Trump. Lots of girls like him, especially Mexicans.
Japheth just stole Johnny's girl! Daaaaayyyyyynmmmm!!

I know right? He also beat Johnny up and almost killed him!!

Dude he is gonna die if he keeps doing this mothertrucking crap, but us Mexican boys will have his back.

Yeah! For real!!
by MAGE MD June 01, 2016
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A sexual position in which one male pleasures four others by giving a blow job, taking it in the butt, and giving two hand jobs simultanesously.
My buddy went to the gay bar and they made him a dirty Japheth!
by Fartmaster119 November 08, 2020
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