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When two or more girls, age is unimportant but usually between 2-99 years, are threatened by the other. The use of snappy put downs over hair, make up, body image, boyfriends, money, lack of or excessive sexual relations, anything that they think will hurt the others feelings and strike at their insecurities.
Kelly: and Cathy said "Oh my god Britney, your hair cut makes you look shorter, but like you still look like you weigh the same." Then Britney goes "Jeez, Cathy, I'm surprised you took time away from looking for guys you think have money to blow to notice." I mean, she does blow every guy with a BMW, and I'm all like :With both of you dressed in last year's style, neither of you should be talking."

Brad: I thought you were all friends.

Kelly: But we are.

Brad: No you're just a bunch of catty bitches.

Kelly: If you can't be supportive of me, I really don't think this is going to work out.

Brad: You told Cathy I just got that new M3, right?
by Misty Bottoms September 09, 2013
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females in highschool who are overly concerned with their reputations

often use gossip and rumours to feel superior over others when feeling intimidated or jealous of other females.
Alyssa, Azra, Kristen, and Taylor are a group of catty bitches who enjoy making others feel badly about themselves for their own personal gain.
by Steph__ August 27, 2008
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