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the kind of girl who gives too much about friends, makes it our of her way to make them all happy. Then one day gts thrown under the bus, and comes back three times thicker, and quicker and better than before. leaving these assholes, to their silent lives, where no one actually cares. and then theyre lonely and wonder wheres that artistic bitch who took care of me? SHE AINT FUCKING THERE>>>> way to go moron. she isnt in love with you nor shud she want too... catty because ppl are upset of 2.5 years ago crap. these ppl are insuffient humans whose living revolve around this CATTY ARTISTIC BITCH. that they will miss but wont be there.
tinkerbell, is my catty artistic bitch, she is everything but i treat her like shit to gain friendship with hook and his crew bc im an asswipe with no idea what i am about to lose.

she is a catty artistic bitch with style its soo sexyy how she rises up and is soo mature. mmm.
by Lovely Lemons August 05, 2009
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