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The plane climbed and went into the deck.
by AutumnLeaves April 24, 2008
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An arc is the internal change the hero goes through in a story. It can be positive change of character — a happy ending - or a negative or no change — which gives us a tragedy.
The main character on "V For Vendetta" has an arc. She goes from being a normal everyday kind of a girl to a revolutionary.
by AutumnLeaves April 11, 2006
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A reference to the common perception that Women’s Institute branches are little more than excuses to share preserves recipes and sing hymns.
-Sally, would you like to join our new women association?
-Mmm... No, thanks. It's not my scene.
-Shame. Mind you, it's not all jam and Jerusalem. We also do important stuff.
by AutumnLeaves April 19, 2007
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The latest, the best, the cutting edge (and more positive adjectives withe -est).
LCD televisions are the cat's meow. People love their performance and elegance.
by AutumnLeaves April 19, 2007
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