A nation inside Spain, very different from the rest of Spain, and which deserves to be independent one day. Original name, Catalunya, not Cataluña!
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A Spanish region, ubicated in the Iberian peninsula and that belongs to the Hispanic culture. Rich in its culture and variety thanks to the Spanish democracy, which promoted plans to revive the catalonian culture as it did with other emblematic regions. Its historical capital is Barcelona, famous for one of its football (soccer for americans) team.

Catalonia or Catalunya formed part of the Kingdom of Aragón, one of the two kingdoms that originated Spain in the XVth Century. The other is the Kingdom of Castille. Although different they became united thanks to the fusion of their crowns, and gave the identity of the idea of modern spanish (different people of different cultures, with same roots and similar ways of life who love the idea of a country that means all of it and represents all the hispanics culture).

There also exists some Extremist Independent movements grounded in pseudo-theories who represent a small minority, whose supporters are in most people with little education. In any case the situation can't be compared to other movements as the Scotish, Belgian or even Welsh.
Nowadays people critized all the money spent in the revival of the catalonian culture. But any real spanish that considered as itself as one, know that it was a necesary spent to keep safe the Spanish Identity. A country proud of its origins.
by Mr. Realism January 14, 2012
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Used to graphically show opinion on the Catalonia situation in Spain.
Person 1: *hits home run*
Person 2: Spain is Bat, Ball is Catalonia

Person 1: *slaps person 2*
Person 3: Hand is Spain, Face is Catalonia
by SV_15 October 12, 2017
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The police knew that they weren't dealing with their normal serial murderer when they discovered the Catalonia Corndog
by SenorMuchacho July 2, 2009
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Yes it is, sorry.

Stop Catalonian nationalists, they are neo-fascist and neo-nazi!
Catalonia is Not Spain - a stupid saying by anti-Spanish separatists calling themselves Catalonian nationalists. But in reality, these people are just left-wing neo-fascists and neo-nazi.
by Gothic Miscreant October 22, 2023
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