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When you put a cork in a cats butt, wait a week. Then take it out and see how much shat spews out. Then you'll be screaming "Aaahh! Cat shat".
Malissa: "Hey man, my brother just got a new cat. Ugh, I hate cats"
Andrew: "Lets make it cat shat!"
by mduubz August 12, 2010
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Late teens to early/mid tweties male who wears ripped and/or low hanging jeans with a diamond encrusted belt. Their coat or t-shirt usually has a meaningless crest either on the front or back with an ornamental scarf regardsless of the season. The iconially "swept" hair with optional highlights looks like it's been styled with cat shit, hence "cat shat".
Look at that cat shat, I'd love to take his scarf and shove it up his ass!
by DeVNuLL82 January 30, 2009
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