checking out a home, car, object etc...looking to see what could be stolen..
Some wackjob was casing the joint when I left the house.
by zincink August 15, 2006
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To visit a house, store, or other establishment, with intent to burglarize or rob it later. Usually involves locating cameras and other security devices, and planning out one's exact course of action for the heist.
To the security guards, he looked like an ordinary tourist; little did they know he was actually there to case the joint.
by Tafkae January 31, 2007
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To "case a joint" is to check out the details to, and make speculations about, a home, car, store or other location for means of getting in undetected and/or removing material from said location.

Usually referred to negatively as a means to describe being suspicious someone is going to steal someone's belongings, it can also simply be a synonym for reconnaissance.
1. That banger over there was casing the joint when I came in this morning.

2. Tell Tommy to go case the Sanders' joint and see if Paulie's car is there.

3. I saw you going out to case a joint earlier, you better not take anything.
by Troy LeVasseur May 08, 2007
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