Words (often used in Australia) used to affirm (or sometimes indicate) intentions of concluding an argument outside, usually with fists. Since alcohol-fueled arguments generally take place in crowded hotels, many fights are taken outside to the hotel's parking lot to minimise harm to bystanders and reduce the number of potential witnesses.

Often synonymous with the american phrase "let's take this outside" in relation to fighting words.

Also the name of a segment on the show "Blokesworld" relating to self-defence in the event of a fight.
Person 1: You've been pissin' me off all night - you wanna step outside?
Person 2: I'm up for it bitch - you me carpark now!
by gibbo67 May 25, 2006
Verb; The act of driving around a carpark for an extended period of time in order to secure a car parking spot.
Friend 1: "How was the mall - did you get what you needed?"
Friend 2: "Nah we were on a 3 hour carpark safari so I got jack of it and came back home"
by Sexy___Bitch June 11, 2010
Girl who spends her time hanging around in carparks whether its in her boyfriends car or her own...thinking she is it...
carpark slapper are most likely caked in makeup, tracksuit and seen with both legs above her her
by lilginga March 7, 2012
Being incredibly high on drugs.
Paul: " Good fun lastnight? "
Kenz: " Yeah we all got Multi Storey Carpark 'ed and danced to Rhythm is a Dancer for hours"
by Tom Heavy October 28, 2011