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A name coined by vegans to refer to meat eaters. Where veganism is the philosophy that humans aren't better than animals and shouldn't be exploited, carnism is the philosophy that animals are inferior to humans and it's fine to eat them, test on them, use them for entertainment and the like.
"I'm really sad about how sea world is exploiting orcas."
"Stupid animals don't even know what's happening to them. Why should we care about animals? Pfft. Animals."
by arblagarbpenguins February 26, 2015
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This fucking squill bought herself a Gucci handbag last week and gave $5 to my GoFundMe for insulin.

My landlord raised the rent again but they still wont fix the leaky roof. What a squill!
by Carnegie Freeman May 23, 2019
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Is someone who has been conditioned to believe that harming and exploiting certain animals (typically contingent on the specific culture one grew up in) isn't morally irresponsible. "Carnist" isn't intended to be a derogatory or pejorative term. "Carnist" stems from the term "carnism", a concept developed by Melanie Joy, PhD.

Carnism, similarly to veganism, describes the underlying ideology in which a person views their own relationship to animals (other than the human variety). Where veganism eschews arbitrary differences like intelligence and species in regards to moral consideration for sentient individuals, carnism relies on these and other arbitrary differences in order to rationalize the harming of certain other-than-human animals.

Carnist is most often used to refer to a person's eating habits but since veganism isn't about diet per se, carnism also isn't about diet per se and pertains to any form of exploitation upon other-than-human animals.
"Before I understood that there's no biological requirement for animal products in the human body, I was a carnist raised in the U.S. who ate animals like chickens, pigs, and aquatic animals because that's how I was raised. But of course, during that time in my life I frowned upon people who would eat even a single dog or a cat"
by SexyVegan January 07, 2018
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It defines a proponent of meat-eating and human consumption of animals in general. It'd be what meat-eaters would call themselves if they could only accept that their diet stems from a philosophy of speciecism and a belief that humans are superior to other sentient beings.

Given that meat eating it is a choice and not an actual necessity in civilised societies, carnism is a philosophy that seeks to defend carnists in their abject subjugation and oppression of non-human animals by justifying their decision and making animals appear as mere objects.
John: Fuck, I love me some bacon.

Mary: Please don't be such a carnist.

John: But I like BACON. What's a carnist anyway?

Mary: Someone who thinks that animals are meant to be eaten and feels no remorse for it.

John: But animals have to be eaten.

Mary: My point exactly.
by awesome vegan August 26, 2012
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Anyone who consumes animal flesh, including poultry, fish, red meat, and other subdivisions.
Julia didn't mind that her friend was a carnist, but when every meal they prepared included meat, she knew she had to leave.
by manata April 10, 2014
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Someone who works the carnival, as a career, or someone studying carnivalology.

This word is not about meat, aside from the plant eaters mistakenly using the word in a redundant fashion it ONLY refers to Carnivals and their workings.
This clown is a carnist as he spent his entire career in the carnival.
by purple hippo September 27, 2018
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The word carnist was originally used to describe people who work their careers in the carnival, and was appropriated by the vegan scourge as a redundant descriptor for normal omnivorous society as a sad cry to garnish unhealthy attention.

The term was first coined by Bobo the Clown in 1880's New Orleans.

The term was first appropriated in 2001 as a result of poor, lazy editing on a book regarding vegan nonsense.

It is also not a recognized real word and due to its redundancy in the English language will never at any point in time be accepted as a proper word at all anywhere.

#MeatTerrorist is widely used as a hashtag to discredit the fake vegan hipster douchebag community as they so tightly deserve.

Help save a carniat today, spend $50 on a cheap stuffed animal for your kids today.
Jonny the clown was a carnist, as his entire career was in the carnival.
by Jesus Devil September 30, 2018
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