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Carnism is the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals. It is basically the opposite of veganism.

The term was coined by social psychologist Melanie Joy in 2001 when she stated that the lack of terminology around consuming animal products was part of the problem. Without a term to refer to the practice by, it is accepted as the norm and the ignorance around the subject continues to flourish.
Carnism is an extremely important concept that has the potential to dramatically transform the way society thinks about eating animals. - Gene Baur
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by my mAin Hack June 19, 2017
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The psychology that animals were put on this earth for the sole purpose of feeding and entertaining humans, and that they have no inherate value if they cannot be used by humans.
Most of the people in society who still eat meat have a mentality of carnism.
by kitty-kat January 01, 2007
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The outdated belief system or ideology under which humans are entitled to eat and exploit any kind of animal they like, due to their greater intelligence and so-called superiority; the diametric of veganism.
Vegan: Why would we kill animals if we don't need to?
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Carnist: Humans are superior to animals!
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Vegan: Wasn't that the same mentality of the Nazis toward the Jews?
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Carnist: Animals are not the same as humans!
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Vegan: Yes, but our ability to suffer is the same. Isn't that what counts?
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Carnist: Well, you are right about that, but humans are more intelligent than animals.
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A conversation in which carnism was displayed.
by Banana Hunter December 09, 2019
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A term concocted and frequently used by smug misanthropic vegan cultists and budding domestic eco-terrorists to marginalize the normal socially acceptable behavior of using animal products. Because their agenda has no chance of ever achieving any mainstream appeal they use this and similar labels to disparage their fellow human beings while simultaneously fellating each other in their extremist online echo chambers.
Vegan "If you don't eat meat but still eat honey, which is bee vomit meant for baby bees, or sleep on silk sheets you are still guilty of carnism."

Carnist "How many bees or silkworms did you save today from your computer?"

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by luvsdabud January 25, 2018
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"hey good liking we are sure you can win this stuffed animal for the sexy girl next to you,"
by Twiggy Anti-Christ February 13, 2004
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