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Carelle is the cutest person out there. She's funny and always knows how to cheer you up. She will always be there for you even if you let her down because she understands that you can make mistakes sometimes and knows how to move on. Carelle is a trendsetter and is loved by everyone. She is creative and can always find something fun to do when you are bored. Sometimes she can be annoying and agressive but she always apologizes later on. she looks very innocent on the outside but on the inside she's a risk taker and full of life. Nothing can ever be awkward when you are around her because she always knows what to say. She never tells anyone what to do and does not judge you. She accepts you for who you are. It is said that Carelles have a sixth sense and are amazing at predicting stuff. Sometimes she says things she isn't supposed to say but is still always trusted with big secrets. When you are Carelle's friend you should be sure that you will be living life to the fullest with her by your side. You will experience your favorite moments in life with her. As long as you treat her the way she deserves to be treated, you can always count on her to have your back. she is simply everything you could ask for.
Person 1: I love carelle she's the cutest

Person 2: ikr she makes my day
by loumi 3ala2 January 15, 2017
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