The disease which inspired rapper Cardi B's name. She sounds so awful that it sounds like she has cardiovascular bronchitis
Joe: Man i've got this bad case of cardiovascular bronchitis.

Bob: Yeah you sound just like Cardi B
by BernardosexyOHiggins69 March 20, 2018
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If you are looking this up, you are probably going to die. It is a deathly disease, that you would bleed from every orifice. If the first symptom is coughing and cannot stop. Go tell your mom because you probably have less than 24 hours for you die.
Person: Doctor something is wrong, I cannot stop coughing.

Doctor: Are you bleeding anywhere?
Person: Well, I went to poop and blood came out.

Doctor: Oh, no.. you have cardiovascular bronchitis...
by TheSickDick February 17, 2020
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A male heart disease caused by the constant nagging of women over a period of time. (cdicm for short). Short term ailments are dubbed the nagging effect
Men die earlier than women because of cdicm (chronic distaff-induced cardiovascular malady).
Dude don't marry her, youll get cdicm (chronic distaff-induced cardiovascular malady).
by EZorLeche November 01, 2009
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Otherwise known as a TA, a comical and tardy individual who’s consistently only productive on Thursdays.
This damn CardioVascular Assistant I (TA)never gets any linen.
by Pavss May 22, 2018
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