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a catholic school, located between cary and raleigh, the guys are hot and they know it, the girls are hot and they have style unlike all the slutty ravencroft girls who only wear polos and pearls, the school is so small that everyone shares hook ups, everyone is so loaded with money that drugs are not a problem, their rivals are ravenscroft who really arent better in sports they just slip money to the refs before games, our cheerleaders have been nationally ranked the past like 10 years, soccer team is amazing, football is getting better, and no one can compete with the cross country team
Dude those cadinal gibbons girls are hot.
by Spencer April 23, 2005
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Probably the realest school in Raleigh.
We know how to rock polos and project pat at the same time. Many Hot girls.
-4 Wachovia Cups

Ravenscroft is punks.
#77 A fat defensive lineman(from Ravenscroft), who got run over by the Gibbons Football Rushing attack, as evidant by our 300 yards rushing.
by tony yayo February 15, 2005
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one straight ass school ...sometimes called a drug school shit football team but every other sport is good located in fort lauderdale
"where do u go?"
"i go to cardinal gibbons..."
"o so your gay?"
-guy gets hit in the face-
by cardinalgibbonsfl April 13, 2011
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1) a catholic school between Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina, full of people who spend all day trying to hype their own school on urban dictionary while simultaneously talking shit about other schools.

2) a preppy, white school which sucks at sports (primarily basketball and football) and academics. A school so god awful academically, that anyone who hopes to go anywhere other than community college would rather go to public school. It's only saving grace is that it has some pretty good looking girls. the way "reclassifying" isn't cheating, Gibbons people do it too.
to see just how gay gibbons kids are, search "ravenscroft", "Cardinal Gibbons" or any other triangle area school. Its pretty obvious, Gibbons sucks.
by balls&icewater March 24, 2008
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A School for people who believe that they get to be frat boys/sorority sisters forever. These people are often shocked when they realize this isn't true. Students have few people skills and even less upward mobility. Their A students go to colleges that other schools in Raleigh send their B and C students to.
"Hey, did you hear about all the kids from Cardinal Gibbons who didn't get into UNC?"

"Yeah! Isn't Enloe sending half of their senior class there next year?"
by Muddum April 09, 2010
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What it is you see when a load of gibbons get the horn and start fucking in the woods. The term does not distinguish between homo and hetro forms of group gibbon sex.

A group of humans can also be termed cardinal gibbons - the meaning is quite literal: "Fucking Monkeys"
look at those stupid kids. I hate cardinal gibbons.
by hong kong jon March 10, 2008
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