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A quote from SouthPark character Jimmy. He is Handi-capped and proud. He excells at many things, so there for he does not consider himself as Handi-Capped but HANDI-CAPABLE.
Cartman: Jimmy is Handi-Capped.

Jimmy: I prefer HANDI-CAPABLE.
by Stefuunee STFU! July 09, 2009
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Someone who is crippled or handicapped but takes offense at those terms and prefers "handicapable."
Adam tore his Achilles tendon and can't walk, but thinks he can. He says he's not handicapped, he claims to be handicapable.
by Anti AMac November 14, 2007
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A term that many disabled people actually hate, that is a cutesy euphemism for disabled.
Nondisabled person: We don't say disabled. People like you are handicapable.
Disabled person: I hate it when nondisabled people refer to me as some cutesy euphemism like handicapable or differently abled. I'm disabled. #SayTheWord
by NickEBigD January 24, 2018
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An uppity cripple who thinks he's better than you
Joey's mum drank while she was pregnant so he was born a mong. He prefers to be called handicapable.
by NigNog420 December 21, 2010
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Some bullshit ass term, that cripples use to make their inadequacy or lack or limbs appear to be beneficial or glorious.
Susy: Just because i dont have legs doesn't mean im still not a great lay. I can still perform kegels, so my cooter is tight. I'm handicapable.
by chili dogger April 19, 2011
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Someone that is handicap, and does stuff on there own.
“I’m not handicap, I’m handi-capable.”
“Molly crossed the busy intersection for the first time, she is handi-capable.”
by Ok theeeeen March 11, 2019
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