A Black Chalky Powder Substance That Appears Inside The Cannon After A Shot Often Cleaned By A Pole Broom
by Alex September 13, 2003
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This is similar to its' military definition except applied to the corporate world and its' culture. A low ranking employee without many skills. One who is considered expendable because he/she can easily be replaced.
Hourly workers in this company are just corporate cannon fodder. They just keep us around until we can be replaced by a computer program.
by Edword July 31, 2006
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Psychological characteristic of a person who is too afraid to play any fast-paced sport that involves a ball, such as football, soccer, baseball, or basketball because he or she is too afraid of getting injured during rough playing, and/or because he/she is too afraid of the ball when it's thrown or kicked at him/her at high velocity.

Called a "cannon-fodder complex" because the person playing the sport feels like a cheap under-protected soldier being sent first against the enemy while having to avoid deadly enemy fire). So in fact, he or she thinks that it's too dangerous to catch, stop, or volley the ball while it's travelling at high velocity.
1.Having a cannon-fodder complex is one of the main reasons I hate playing sports.

2.Shit, we lost the game all because of some wussy in our team who turned out to have a cannon-fodder complex!

3.People with severe cases of cannon-fodder complexes are one of the main reasons that dodgeball was outlawed in schools.
by Mark H July 10, 2004
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a semi-offensive term for an NHL player traded to another club less than 48 hours prior to the March 1 NHL Trade Deadline.
If you want to make a smooth transition to your new club, please ask your old team not to make you cannon fodder
by Sexydimma September 16, 2016
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