a type of food made primarily of sugar, often given at fairgrounds-also called "cotton candy"
by Lord and Lost September 13, 2003
When a man or woman gives oral to their parter and emerges with some pubic hair in their teeth.
Yeah, it's called candyfloss, dude.
by violenturge February 13, 2011
When a guy cum a girl in her mouth, then he punches her in the stomach so he couches cum and blood - then it looks like a candyfloss
Dude i just candyflossed her
by Drull April 14, 2009
When you put candy floss inside a girls vagina, take it out once it is hard and sticky and pass it from your mouth to her mouth.

Warning: CandyFloss may lose flavour whilst inside the vagina.
Girl: What are you doing with that Candyfloss?
Boy: I thought I could give you a Candyfloss wish...
Girl: What's that?
Boy: Open your legs and I will show you!!!
by Johnny Tatum April 17, 2013
"Enid, I am feeling rather horny tonight"
- "That's all right dear, get down there and have a munch on me grey candyfloss"
by yammaboy June 6, 2009