2 definitions by GRMCE

The act of sticking one's thumb into a butthole as to ascertain poop on one's thumb. Swirling said thumb in a circular motion, just like the stick is used in a cotton candy machine.
"Yo bro, I totally gave some skank The Cotton Candy Machine last night and ate all of it" -Kyle

"Gross." -Fred
by GRMCE November 16, 2011
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When a friend of yours gets a girlfriend or boyfriend and they update their relationship on facebook, you click on their name to see what they look like and they are always the ugliest person in the group photo.
"Dude, Fred got a new girlfriend!"-Kyle
"Dude, let me see!" -Frank
"Oh, god nevermind, The ugly duckling effect strikes again." -Kule
by GRMCE March 26, 2012
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