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the best camp ever! where you get to stand on the tables and sing at meals, and instead of hello everyone says AHOY THERE! where its still cool to dance all night to beach music in a thing called "the cage" with the hottest boys in the south! (seagull boys of course) sailing is a must do and you always smell of the neuse...but its the best place on the crystal coast!
Girl 1: i wonder if there is a heaven on earth
Seafarer Girl: umm..duh! camp seafarer of course
by southern belle February 27, 2005
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Camp Seafarer is the greatest place on the earth. me and my friends refer to it as our second home. Each year we await that amazing day when the gates open and we drive in and are assigned to our home for the next month. after swim testing, the first thing to do is to check out a beautiful scot with your scot skipper friends and sail all afternoon on the neuse. where fridays mean candy night and movie and saturdays of course mean shaving and shagging with the best looking guys who attend camp seagull in the cage. i miss camp seafarer so much and i love it and every girl there to death!! i love yall!!

C4T represent!
i love camp seafarer more than anything else in the world!
by C4T December 25, 2005
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Camp seafarer is the best camp of all thats right uh huh o yeah! Well duh any seagull kid could have told you that.

Basically its where the preppiest kids in america go and it rocks. and OF COURSE camp 4 tribe brings on the camp four generation.

haha ya you know it. PREPS ON THE LOOSE when we jump and jive in 2005
Seagull camper: woa look at those hot preps from seafarer
Seafarer camper: woa look at those hot preppy seagull campers
by hot stuff March 04, 2005
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A Southern camp in North Carolina where only the coolest girls go.They're sweet girls, yet they're adventurous and crazy- shaving cream fights, hardcore sailing,spirit and screaming,and not to mention their boys camp across the Neuse-(See Camp Sea Gull)where the absolute hottest guys are. THE BEST CAMP OF ALL THATS RIGHT UH HUH OH YEAH!!
Seafarer Girl 1:He was a big tall man he was a DESPERADO


Seafarer Girl 2: P-A-R-T-Y its party time with SEAGULL GUYS..Paaaaarty..don't let Cille know..PAAAARTY...cause she wont let you go


Seafarer Girl 3: RIISE AND SHINE...

*Odd silence*
by SeafarerChick1234 March 05, 2005
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The greatest camp of all. It's a girls camp who has the prettiest girls ever there. It's a sailing camp located in the best state ever, North Carolina on the Crystal Coast in Arapahoe. It's southern and awesome as mess!Their brother Camp, Camp Sea Gull, has the hottest fellas ever
Seafarer girl: Ahoy there!
Sea Gull Guy: Wow that was so hott. Wanna dance to Sailing??
Seafarer Girl:Sure, but let me tie a knot in my swim band first.
Sea Gull Guy:'re so cool. Wanna be my Susie?
Seafarer Girl: Heck yes I do, Johnny :)
by Some Hott Southern Chick January 16, 2005
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1)Where all the girls dream a guy named johnney.
2)Where shaving is the LEAST of your worries.
3)Where standing on your benches at meals singing at the top of your lungs to songs you will never sing anywhere else, is normal.
Seafarer Girls-"Magdalina Hagdalina..."
by LogieBear May 08, 2005
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