a sensation and bodacious man in aesthetically pleasing outfits, who plays the fucking bass and radiants big dick energy.
by donttestmeiampunkrock July 31, 2018
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calum hood; pulling a calum hood; name; also known as cool guy cal or cdizzle swizzle

used as means to refer to terrificly bad WiFi connections, even airplane mode doesn't do it like this
"oh no I got kicked out of my zoom class again, my wifi pulled a CALUM HOOD"

"omg same, for the 5th time today"
by dabodacious February 12, 2021
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Calum Hood is in a band called 5 seconds of summer. He's so cute like a little puppy but then .4 seconds later he turns into this sexy little shit. He's so sexy he's just a ball of australian sex. He occasionally slaps the bass but I think he really means ass. He plays soccer too which is also really sexy. He has really nice lips that make you vomit. He glued a Cincinnati Reds snapback to his head. He's the only person on this planet who still looks hot while wearing an Adventure Time watch. He also thinks he's this rapper named Cash Money and he ships himself with Chris Brown.
Random: Have you heard of Calum Hood?

Me: Oh you mean Cash Money? Yea, he's in this australian band and he's so sexy.
by the whale's vagina June 16, 2013
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The most unappreciated member of 5SOS. He's the bassist in the band- and the one who writes the most songs but isn't given enough credit. Probably the most logical and most intelligent person of the four-piece. Has ethereal melanin and needs to be protected at all costs. Isn't treated with respect and is mostly ignored, but loves the fans immensely no matter what. Likes to make people laugh and is all around a genuinely great person to be around.
Michael Clifford is whipped by Calum Hood.
by saudadeskies March 21, 2016
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Calum from da Hood is no ordinary fella. He is amazingly cute. He may not know exactly know how to be in a relationship but know that he will treet you right. He can always make you laugh even when you think it can't be done. He plays bass so you know what that means ;)

"Is that Calum Hood?"

"Calum from da Hood you mean?? Yeah you want some of that."
by haimynameismorgan May 7, 2013
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Also known as Calum Invisible Hood. Sometimes he doesn't know himself.
sang by calum hood himself, "who am i, who am i? when i don't know myself."
by fuckin idk June 20, 2016
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The extremely talented 15 year old singer/guitarist from aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer.
"What ethnicity is Calum Hood?"

"Nobody knows, but he sure is cute!"
by aybby October 2, 2012
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