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"Calling in Black" was a Freudian slip by a white male medical office worker, summarizing a phone call from

La'Shondra, who was calling in from Compton with a litany of symptoms (nausea, diarrhea. dizziness...) none of which has any visible signs. He hung up the phone, and announced to the mostly black staff, "LaShondra just called in Black" "Sick, Sick" He said immediately. "She called in Sick" Too late to un-ring the bell, he was spared a trip to HR, because the staff loved the phrase, and co-opted it into the office lexicon, and spread to other offices.
"Jamisa is calling in black on Monday, and making it a 3-day weekend."
by La'Shondra June 13, 2018
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It's morning. You hate mornings. Scrolling the morning newsfeed, you read about another unarmed black man murdered by police and your blood begins to boil. You think about the blonde girl at the office (mis)using "woke" again and you start to get nauseated. This is when "Calling in Black" (with fever and nausea) can be the perfect solution.
Living While Black can take a toll. Sometimes you need a minute. Mmkay? That's when when "Calling in Black"

can be so clutch. 2) " Jamisa wants a three-day weekend, so she's calling in black on Monday morning"
by La'Shondra June 15, 2018
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