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a) Fear is an emotion that causes things such as paranoia and anxiety. Fear is normaly caused an object or person that causes terror.

b) Fear can also be used as a claim to being good at something.
a) I have a fear of flying, I am afraid of Big Jim.

b) Fear my technical skills.
by The Spooky Twigg October 29, 2004
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A Suffix that can be attached to a genera or word for one of two reasons

A) To make a new “sub-genera”

B) As a statement that you are of a certain group.
A) Emocore, Speedcore, Doomcore.

B) We are Coolcore/Cutecore/Smoothcore/Stupidcore
by The Spooky Twigg October 29, 2004
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This is another term used for when you are hit by The White Death after smoking too much pot.
Oh man! This guys totally deathing it!
by The Spooky Twigg October 29, 2004
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This is the name for something that is putting alot of stress on your mind and causing you annoyance.
This job is giving me irritable brain syndrome!

She/He makes me feel like I have irritable brain syndrome!
by The Spooky Twigg October 29, 2004
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The mind trick is something used by Jedi's to persuade people to do things as they wish them to go. This is generally achieved by the Jedi waving his hand slowly in front of his face and speaking slowly and clearly what they would like the person to believe.

This is often used in jest for when you are trying to persuade someone of something and it isn’t going very well.
Guard: Do you have any identification?
Jedi: *waving hand* We do not need any identification.
Guard: You do not need any identification.
by The Spooky Twigg October 29, 2004
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This is a phrase that states that the person you are talking to is calling you something that they themselves are (and generally in abundance).

This comes from old times when pots and pans were generally black and kettles were generally metallic and reflective. Therefore the pot sees its black reflection in the kettle and thinks that the kettle is black.

*this can also sometimes be shortened to "pot, kettle, black."*
someguy: u R an idiot 4 sayin tht
Some other guy: Well thats the pot calling the kettle black!
by The Spooky Twigg December 3, 2004
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This is the abreviation of the words "Peace Out" used as a way of saying goodbye to someone... There are several variations of this.
PO! = Peace out!
POFN = Peace Out for now!
POMB = Peace Out My Brother
(and if you want to be really geeky)
POMBAHAND = Peace out my brother and have a nice day
by The Spooky Twigg November 6, 2004
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