of or pertaining to a girl who lives in california. Generally tan, pretty, and a surfer, sometimes just a beachbunnie. Generally considered the prettiest girls in the US.
neil: "whoa, check her out. tan, hot... DUDE, SHE SURFS"
jason: "dude, i heard she's a native californian"
neil: "DUDE, shes a fuckin CALIGIRL MAN!"
by hannah December 7, 2003
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person 1: "omg did you see Brittney's new video"
person 2: "yeah she's such a caligirl"
by kaiwantstobehappy August 22, 2020
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CaliGirl is code for Callgirl like for legal reasons I guess. When a girl on social media or dating site has a bio that lets you know she’s open for the business and to get them dollars, and not to find a big to spoon with . She'll write she's a caliGirl. No info beyond that just Snapchat and insta to reach her and half naked pictures of her
CaliGirl / new to town. Looking to have fun and meet new pp
by JImmyJamesnyc December 17, 2019
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