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of or pertaining to a girl who lives in california. Generally tan, pretty, and a surfer, sometimes just a beachbunnie. Generally considered the prettiest girls in the US.
neil: "whoa, check her out. tan, hot... DUDE, SHE SURFS"
jason: "dude, i heard she's a native californian"
neil: "DUDE, shes a fuckin CALIGIRL MAN!"
by hannah December 06, 2003
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Cali is a girl with a good personality. She can be feisty sometimes but once given enough attention she is the sweetest person you'll ever meet.
That Cali (girl) is so sweet!
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by KKawesomness December 08, 2016
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An annoying bitch, usually blonde, that is from California. She is stupid, hot....and stupid. They are most usually preppy also. They hang out with preppy guys, hott guys, and surfer guys. They have no clue wtf they are talking about at any given time. They know nothing but boys and cheerleading....and maybe tanning. Not good for relationships.
"Dude! I am totally banging this hott chick!"

"Yeah man, but shes a cali girl"

"That explains why she didn't know where to put it in....fuck dat man, shes a bitch"
by Kyle Gex August 27, 2006
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A girl who has 10s across the board. I.e. face, breast, butt, body,
β€œDamn did you see Sarah? β€œ
β€œYeah, she’s almost definitely a Cali-girl”
by Dicbwhcnbqs October 19, 2017
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