1. When a large group of Asian tourists-- the kind that are aloof and seem to be unaware of their surroundings and are roaming in a pack down the sidewalk--blocks the entire sidewalk, leaving you unable to move. The stoppage is usually caused by the group's collectively pointing at some mundane object, such as a McDonald's Arch or run down used book store.

2. Getting cock blocked by a fat chinese girl.
1. Today when I was walking near campus, I got great walled by a busload of chinese tourists pointing at the Asian Art Museum.

2. Dude I was totally about to bust a nut in my MAIN BITCH Jade Xiang's ass but her fucking friend "Rain" great walled me.
by THE COUNTRY BUTCHER April 2, 2009
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going to a bar, asking an Asian girl for a dance, and she says no, you've been great walled
by ChachiBodi November 6, 2011
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A girl or guy who tends to stay out of relationships with other people. It's often impossible to get them to fall for you. But if they do.. You have conquered The Great Wall. Congratulations!
The girl hasn't had a boyfriend in forever! She's The Great Wall of (insert name)!
by CleverCatastrophe July 18, 2014
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To be denied access to the promised land after much effort. Commonly associated with electrical engineers.

In some other parts of the country (mostly rural Southern states), this is also known as gettin "G-dubbed".
Yo Homie, homie...that girl straight up great walled your punk ass!!!!! Holla at ya boy, suckas!!!!!
by Suckaforce Crew '06 February 2, 2006
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when trump builds a great wall, Mexicans will build a great ladder...
we must build a great wall

and ladder

will that mean there will be 2 more great wonders?
by HI PEOPLES December 7, 2017
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When you feel constipated from eating Chinese food
I ate something bad at that Chinese place, I got a Great Wall.
by GeneralKalani January 16, 2016
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This occurs when you're trying to fuck a chinese woman in the ass, but she has a butt plug.
I was having a good time last night, but The great Wall prevented me having a really good time.
by Stevie Yates September 13, 2009
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