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1.A forum spammer, someone who constantly writes long and usually vague, hard to follow posts on forums that wander in many directions. Has a high post count.

2. In MMORPGS, someone who uses a constant predictable trademark line
1.He's got 30 posts per day on this forum.. what a hadrian.

2. (e.g. always signs posts 'an elf clad in blue' or something similar)
by Devrah September 02, 2005
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He is God himself he has the largest arsenal of dank memes at his finger tips that mankind has difficulty to comprehend, he sees what happens what will happen and all the possibilities all at once.
"Holy shit those are some dank memes that guy just posted he's been blessed by Hadrian. the great God emperor.
by Spaghettimaquetti January 06, 2018
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