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1. Latin word meaning 'from heaven'
2. Name of one of the lead characters from the Chronicles of Krondor-books.
Caelis is the son of Thomas and the elf-queen.
by caelis May 13, 2009
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A beautiful women who has an amazing body built for sex.
She is such a Caeli.
by derekL April 02, 2007
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Bad bitch who looks like cara delevingne and sucks homeless guys toes for a living. Loves green jet skis and getting krunked. Be careful she will try to get with your brother and friend. Mad for sex and will attempt to steal ya dog so put the bees away.
She’s such a Caeli...I like it!
Did you hear Caeli is doing anal in the castle field again
by Conallgracegrace May 24, 2018
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One bad bitch. A Caeli works out every day and could easily bench press 275. With her super-human strength comes a super-human personality. Prefers savory over sweet food. Loves the word "contemplate." Known to experience existential crises, and could out-drink anyone in a hot sauce drinking competition. Hates sweet potatoes. Has kind eyes (and a kinder heart) and loves long walks on the beach.
Caeli is one bad bitch!
by fertilized b February 14, 2018
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199% nigger all shes missing is the skin. If possible, she would trade places with all the white blacks in the world. She is also one sexy cat.
"Damn, look at that nigga go!"
" where dawg?, all I see is Caeli over there"
" yeha bro, Caeli's as nigger as it gets"
by Thunder Cunts March 31, 2012
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