Pronounced K-D. Cadis are strong leaders. They always listen to other's views and ideas.
Person1: Who're you voting for Head Girl?
Person 2: I'm voting for Cadi. She has a great manifesto!
by c1b2w3h4p5 June 19, 2019
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Cadie is a girl who’s quirky, feisty, absolutely stunning and has a matching personality! She gets all the boys but turns most down as she only wants the best, if you’re dating a Cadie then you’re lucky!
Girl:Ugh i am so jealous of that Cadie girl!
Boy: I’m jealous of her boyfriend! I would love to be with her!
by sandalsarecool April 21, 2019
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Not many people know a Cadi. Cadi's are a different breed of women. They have the best of everything and truly know how to get a guy to smile and make his day. Cadi's smile will light up the whole room and make every person just wanna smile back! this girl is fun, loving, crazy, a dork but biggest thing, remember she's a Cadi. She's one of a kind just like her name. She's delicate, beautiful, and knows how to take your breath away! If you're fallin for a Cadi always remember to wink. She loves a good wink and its like the bait on a hook, after that she's yours to reel in. But don't be fool. To win her you'll have hard, long fight ahead of you. You will go a long time before you reel that Cadi in all the way, but once you do, smile, cause you just caught yourself a perfect girl. Her eyes twinkle and her nose crinkles. She's beautiful in and out and it's so easy to love a Cadi. When you catch a Cadi, don't let her go, because they're probably the best girl you will ever meet, that is a bet.
Dang dude that girl is so beautiful and unique; she must be a Cadi.
by titan81 April 24, 2012
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Cadys are generally nice people. They have a wild side to them and a lot of people might find them interesting. But Cadys also have a inner shyness. This usually leads to confusing between their wild social outer self and their inner reserved shyness. To the outer world they seem like they can rule the world but once you get close one sees that they are full of cracks.
You never really know a Cady.
by CSDESS February 17, 2012
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Beauty. Charm. Charisma. Short. Sweet. Humor. Life. Fun. Love.
Whoa! I found true Beauty! Her name's Cadie!
by quietmakesnoise October 25, 2011
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The most amazing bestfriend possible. The person that you share the most memorable times with. Known to randomly fall over when walking and be the biggest cluts. Fails at jokes but still makes them sound cute. One who gets stitches from laughing too much. The girl who you can laugh, cry and share the most exciting moments with and helps you work through the tough ones. Somehow you always find that she’s the person you have shared the happiest, scariest, most challenging, terrifying, exciting and best moments of your life with. Known to be the person to ask for advice and is always there for support. The person who you can laugh with for hours straight. A girl who is caring, loving, smart and adorable. The bestfriend anyone could wish for.
I want to hang out with a Cadie, I wish I could spend time with a Cadie,
by your crazy bestfriend October 23, 2011
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She’s a bitch, but in a loving way. Cady is self driven and focused on what she wants, but at the same time she couldn’t be more confused. She acts like she’s dumb but she knows more than she lets on. Cadys are the most ambiverted people to exist and they love going out and staying in equally as much.
That girl’s name is Cady.
by yoinks June 24, 2019
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