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Beauty. Charm. Charisma. Short. Sweet. Humor. Life. Fun. Love.
Whoa! I found true Beauty! Her name's Cadie!
by quietmakesnoise October 25, 2011
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The most amazing bestfriend possible. The person that you share the most memorable times with. Known to randomly fall over when walking and be the biggest cluts. Fails at jokes but still makes them sound cute. One who gets stitches from laughing too much. The girl who you can laugh, cry and share the most exciting moments with and helps you work through the tough ones. Somehow you always find that she’s the person you have shared the happiest, scariest, most challenging, terrifying, exciting and best moments of your life with. Known to be the person to ask for advice and is always there for support. The person who you can laugh with for hours straight. A girl who is caring, loving, smart and adorable. The bestfriend anyone could wish for.
I want to hang out with a Cadie, I wish I could spend time with a Cadie,
by your crazy bestfriend October 22, 2011
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A girl, who's name is NOT pronounce like CADDY, as in the golfers slave.
its like KATIE,
just spelled slightly different.

And also this girl is amazing (:
Hey Cadie!
by cadieee October 06, 2008
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Gothic and completly awsome in all ways!!
completely obssesed with anime.
by CumMuffin August 29, 2008
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