A youtuber who may need therapy and who has changed hairstyles but still has not changed even today.
Person 1: "I'm going to watch Caddicarus "
Person 2: "Oh you mean that one youtuber who looks insane in some of his videos?"
Person 1: *silence*
by Cheetopuff3r April 15, 2021
a british youtuber who does videos on playstation games
dude 1: yo have ya heard of caddicarus?
dude 2: not me
dude 1: you should check his videos out
dude 2: ok
*dude 2 watches a caddicarus video*
dude 1: soo how good the video is?
dude 2: MILUK
by Pyrostrike June 20, 2018
A hilarious YouTuber who makes reviews on video games. Especially Nintendo and PlayStation (2 of my favorite things).

He makes fun of Peppa Pig and reviews Phoenix Games.
Beaker's nose falls off

Caddicarus: CHRIST ON A BIKE!!!
by Maya Butreeks April 25, 2021
An insane British man who reviews video games while screamimg uncontrollably. His neighbors try to ignore him.
"Caddicarus is quite possibly the most mentally insane YouTuber ever and we love him for it."
by KrimsonKatt January 25, 2022