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Basically meaning cobraXstarship. Started when some people thought it would be cool to start a non-hXc,sXe thing. People who say they are cXs are NOT making an attempt to try and be hXc or anything that has an abberivation like that. Most people will put "cXs" on their buddy profiles, etc. as a joke in order to be snarky and say, "Hey, I can have a cool abberivated thing on my profile too! I'm cXs!" In most cases, the person who says they're cXs don't have anything to do with Cobra Starship. Many outsiders who see cXs will think that it's a new type of "core" thing. However, cXs is just a snarky way of saying, Yeah I'm not hXc or sXe, but I am cXs! Note that being cXs does not mean the person has to like the band. People just use it as a way to be different, since Cobra Starship got "famous" and "well known" when they did the theme song to Snakes On A Plane. Snakes on a Plane is also an expression to state something out of the ordinary, so it's natural that cXs means a unique, non-way of life. *Note, doesn't have to do with the actual band Cobra Starship*
Guy: Hey what's with the whole "cXs" thing on your profile?
Girl: Oh, I just put it there to scare all the hXc and sXe people. It doesn't really mean anything.
Guy: Oh haha I get it!

Girl: Hey are you hXc?
Guy: No, I'm cXs!
by jennXduh February 10, 2007
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