Cx is a symbol used by a notorious cult known as the Purple Army led by Paul Denino, or Ice Poseidon as he is called on the streets. This ruthless cult rules the streets of both Los Angeles, Varrock and Edgeville. They have been involved in gang wars against both RoT and LiT. They have delayed flights, been responsible for multiple SWAT raids and the deaths of countless citizens of Gielinor.
1. Emily only faked cancer once yahooooo Cx
2. Mo'focking'ass TriHard Cx
3. What arm thing homie? Cx
by kysfam September 2, 2017
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Cx is a phrase used by Ice Poseidon aka Paul Denino which on the surface he claims is a smiley face, but in reality is an abbreviation for Child eXploitation. Paul Denino has multiple times made sexual advances to underage girls on livestream and is a known pedophile.
I'm gonna Cx this 13 year old on pedocord. = I'm going to groom this 13 year old on discord.
by Drug Addict Scumbag Weasel September 5, 2019
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Its just a smily face not a sex term.
by Not Jesus Torres February 2, 2017
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A word that old Twitch frogs constantly want to know what means but some things shouldn't be talked about ever again.
New Frog: "What does Cx mean"
Old Frog: "Shut Up"
by Anonymous7777777777777 October 7, 2020
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Its when you go to See(c) your eX. Its commonly used by live streamers hiding their relationships online from their audience.
He went to Horse Show Bay to Cx
by dexr February 14, 2019
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When someone fucks up and puts cx instead of xx
by Joester5 May 7, 2018
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