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A blue bandana often worn by members of the gang The Crips to show affiliation.
"I make brothers pull their pants up, never try to sag/ in the presence of a real rider, that represent the C-rag" - Jayo Felony
by OldSchool September 19, 2004
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a dangerous street gang located mainly in mahwah with other members from surrounding areas. our members consist of mysteries and non-mysteries and brown kids. members hit up the pali mall, chill with some stoagies, steal road cones, drink, look death in the eye and laugh, record songs, hit up local parks, car tag, dunkin donuts, drive the crag cars around, laser crag, run their own chants at football games and are badasses... crag picks on the small and weak and are always victorious. through the crag family, crag will take over the world and you will do nothing
by zimbabway October 11, 2005
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A nickname for someone who is named craig. is humorous to everyone but the victim
by Crag Himself September 13, 2007
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a term used to describe your girlfriends bitchy attitude
damn kristin was being such a fucking c rag today i wanted to slap the bitch in the face
by matt October 26, 2003
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Abbreviation for "cunt rag." Denotes a female who has an obvious fake tan, bleaches her hair, spends an obscene amount of money on clothes and other superficial goods, watches "Sex in the City," idolizes Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson and/or listens to pop rock or pop music in general. Hates to read.
So this crag walks in to work today and orders a non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte with extra skim no fat extra no whip no whip latte decaf sugar no sugar latte. I hate bitches like that.
by Angelabob June 13, 2006
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