A blue bandana often worn by members of the gang The Crips to show affiliation.
"I make brothers pull their pants up, never try to sag/ in the presence of a real rider, that represent the C-rag" - Jayo Felony
by OldSchool September 19, 2004
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a term used to describe your girlfriends bitchy attitude
damn kristin was being such a fucking c rag today i wanted to slap the bitch in the face
by matt October 26, 2003
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A rag on which a male wipes his ejaculatory fluid on after climaxing during a session of masturbation.
I used your mum as a C-rag last night.
by tepuni guy September 15, 2011
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n: a douche bag (a litteral one or a person who acts like one)
You are a c rag.
by nazey carver January 01, 2004
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Slag for "Cunt Rag", a cloth used to aid in menstruation, a tampon.
Person 1 - So I was fucking this bitch in her ass and when I was about to nut, I pretended to unload in her ass. She freaked out and turned around and I shot it in her face. I call it the "Houdini".
Person 2 - You're such a fucking c-rag.
by yodanation June 02, 2006
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