While under the influence of Marijuana, the particular name given to a person who is annoying, sketchy, or just a plain dick. This can include making fun of people, calling them names, and ruining the whole experience.
God damn, no wonder everyone hates Alex Kraczek, hes such a buzzkill.

Jim:Alex whats up
Alex Kraczek: Shut the fuck up you bitch
Jim:Wow Alex Kraczek, you are the biggest buzzkill ever to live.

by Jman12345 January 16, 2009
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A brilliant hidden camera show that aired on MTV in 1996. Dave, Travis, and Frank drove around in a white van developing practical jokes to play on anyone, anywhere. Classic pranks include the Spring Break Shuttle Bus, and "Super Duper Shopping Experience". The logo for the show was a yellow smiley-face with crosshairs over it. Should definitely be in syndication...
by Megan Rourke February 09, 2004
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What happens in Modern Warfare 2 once you have 24 kills and somebody shoots you ruining your chances for a tactical nuke!!!
I have been playing MW2 for 8 hours straight and was just 1 kill away from a tactical nuke and I got noob tubed, what a buzzkill! Why must you be so cruel to me world!!!???
by Jewish Drunkard June 10, 2010
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Something that ruins ur Google Buzz experience

If Someone talks trash on ur sincerely enthusiastic post on Google Buzz, u call that trash talk a buzzkill.

OR if someone says anythin unfunny n follows it with a :p thats a buzzkill
alekhya chakrabarty - Buzz - Public
Hey guys i just won 2.5 lakhs, a bike, a fancy phone, crystal badges and a gold gleaming trophy at this international quiz!!

5 people liked this - Sahil Mehra, Asmita Singh, Varun Vashishth and 2 others

varun vashishth- Wow.. thats great news.. Marry me!! :p Seriously though, i age well..

Asmita Singh: Congrats!! Party ;) ;) ;)

Apoorv Sharma - Alekho, it was a fluke wasnt it?

That my friend is a buzzkill.. a mild one, but it makes the point..
by Sahil The LexiCon Artist February 11, 2010
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When you are high and somebody or something is irritating you. Such as friends, parents, teachers, younger sibling, cops. Buzz Kills do things such as spit on people, beat on people for no reason, annoy you about something you have to do, etc.
Shit, we smoked a nice fat blunt and we walked home and about 3 minutes later the cops questioned us and by the time I got home I wasnt even high. Cops are such buzz kills!
by Youth1 April 02, 2006
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The name for any person who happens to call while you're masterbating with a loud battery operated device and delays your orgasm.
I was trying to go a few rounds with the little man in the boat when my mother called and totally buzzkilled me.
by MWords April 23, 2010
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