alternative spelling for booyah. an exclamation of joy or excitement.
Buya, that's my 1024th post on the forum!
by heindsight September 8, 2006
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1. To "tell" or "serve" someone/if you got something right, and prove someone wrong, you say it.
Example: BUYA! I told you the answer to #4 was 234!

2. When what you have to offer, etc., is better than another persons/when you or your possesions is better than someone else's.
Person 1: I got FIVE computers!
Person 2: Guess how many I have?
Person 1: 2?
PErson 2: NO! 14...BUYA!!!
Person 1: 2+2=5.
Person 2: NO! It's 4.
P. 1: Show me.
P.2 (counts on his fingers and shows the person)
When P.2 realizes that 1 understands,
Person 1: BUYA!!!!!!!! I was right!!!!!!!!
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A girl who puts in all the hard work to succeed in what she's doing.she is pretty,adorable just perfect.she is a peacemaker as she hates conflict.she is the type of friend everyone wants to have because she doesn't betray.normally hated the most because of her kindness but she is definitely a girl to be friends with
by Xaa December 12, 2016
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Slang for the phrase oh boy. usually used to express delight at doing something good.
Yeah dawg you done won taht prize!
Oh buya yes i has!
by rush8192 December 13, 2004
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The best rapper in the world

Theres no debate.
Y’all listen to the new foe Buya?!!!”
by Notakapper November 22, 2021
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