When a place is so packed or crowded with people that you are literally butt to nut while passing each other.
Last night out on the town was so packed with people that it was total butt to nut the the club.
by addiesbubbe July 30, 2008
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The most powerful insult of all time. It should only be used in the most serious cases.

butt - The part at the back of the body in which fecal matter, or rather, shit, comes out of.
penis - A male sex organ, the phallic member
nut - WANK
hole - an opening

The word was invented when a wee lad at the young age of 6 required a grand insult. One that would shrine above all others.
Henry: Fuck you, wanker!
Robin: You're a butt penis nut hole!
Henry: oh shit, I can't beat that
by some homeless man August 24, 2017
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A large-sized dingleberry, which clings to the hair or wool around the anus.
When she examined her anus in the shower, her fingers encountered a butt nut the size of a soy bean.
by Al January 24, 2003
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One who is nuts for butts, that is, an anal sex enthusiast. Can refer to straight or gay people, though it is likely to be taken as offensive when used to describe a gay person.
Remember that girl I started hooking up with at the party? Turns out she's a total butt-nut. Fortunately, she's really anal about personal hygiene.
by Vulgaris Tunge April 01, 2005
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The situation when Josh Wilson's nuts retreat into his butt, a sign of anger and bewilderment.
Josh Wilson got Butt Nuts after being called poor.
by Lost Endeavor October 13, 2008
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