When the female suprisingly slides a stick of butter in the males ass.
last night this chick gave me The Billy Butter
by FAS69420 September 30, 2021
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The issue when you butter one piece of toast and the butter melts but when you proceed to the second piece it has cooled leaving you with a brick of butter
Tommy was sad due to the butter dilemma, now this will haunt him all day
by Switch Mane September 22, 2020
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Butter that has absorbed all of its surrounding condoments on the piece of toast
"Hey man.... Can you passe some of that good a** jelly infused vaccuum butter."
by It's ja boi May 31, 2017
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A sub-class of Truffle Butter with a significantly higher fluid ratio from the stink than the pink.
I’m never taking a girl out to Taco Bell again, my dick was dripping in Virginia Peanut Butter!
by mrvirginpeantubutter September 17, 2021
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malleable, soft, weak; something/someone that can easily be reshaped and formed without much effort
Wow, did you see how easily Biden caved to pressure from republicans?
Yeah, he's warm butter.
by human_not_alien February 19, 2021
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Characterization of the belief that to those addicted, mentally or otherwise, marijuana is like peanut butter to dogs, i.e., the weed is irresistible.
"Damn, son, attack that shit less, would ya? You're all up on that blunt like it was weednut butter."
by Divisionbear May 15, 2009
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