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1. To grow ridiculously tall.
2. To play an obscure musical instrument with skill.
3. To seemingly communicate telepathically in order to cheat at games.
"Its not fair playing with them. They always butterfield."
by Jonesinpants January 23, 2009
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Like the term Butterface where the face is gnar but the body is bodacious.

Instead Butterfield takes it to the next level, you see all those angles on all them Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, etc? Yea you know what I am talking about.

Butterfield: A body that should only be seen in the dark because you'll never know what will happen if you catch glimpse during the day.
Example One

A "Look at that girl!"
B "Damn that's a ratchet butterfield!"

Example Two

A "Dawg you got to faced at that party last night..."
B "I can't remember last night, what happened?"
A "You know Butterfield Betty?"
by Diode May 20, 2013
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Small, yet diverse town, nestled between St James, Mn and Mt. Lake, Mn.

Populations - unknown, try a different website
Main Industry - Tony Downs Foods (chicken plant). Local grain and livestock farming.

Main Attractions - Butterfield Thrashing Bee (steam and gas antique tractor fair).

Local Establishments - Liquor store, Buckshots (bar), Caseys (gas station with coffee).

High school - The fighting Butterfield Wolverines, formally the Indians.

Reasons to live here - grew up here and don't know any better.

Reasons to leave - every reason you can imagine.
by Mr Chin June 06, 2011
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