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Only the greatest cake in the world! Found only in Philly. This cake is thin, gooey, deliciousness that tastes like 90% pure butter. Posers who try to make this cake are wack it has no comparison!
Yo that butter cake from philly was fantastic!
by granny5 July 12, 2008
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when a girl has everything going for her except her ability to bake a cake
bro 1: I met a chick last night, great body, cute face, awesome personality. but when we went back to her house her cake game was poor as hell.
bro 2: no point in calling a butter cake back
by sausage June 02, 2015
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When you creampie a girl and keep going for a long time. You know how if you churn cream long enough it turns into butter? This is an augment of the cheesecake maneuver (see last definition).
I creampied my girl, but the sex was so good I had to make a butter cake.
by drunkgunner August 14, 2016
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Adjective meaning super stylish, steezy, or just plain good.
Comes from ski trick "Butters" which are stylish and smooth and anything with cake is just better. So its a really stylish good thing. For fat people the root is below
Butter (smooth)+ Cake(delicious)= amazing
Its always plural regardless of what you're talking about
wow that 450 on pretzal out was butter cakes
That kid is so butter cakes
by Dr steeze April 13, 2010
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