Tastes good on toast. However it is a lapse in thought during conversation
I like bread and butta. Or, Me and Tim were doing something, and butta, it was all cool. Ya know?
by aaronbelleveau October 08, 2008
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Lisa sex was the best i ever had, that girl had some butta between her legs.
by ohsined April 15, 2006
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Norwegian slang for the nearest grocery store (butikk). Usually heard at the very beginning of lunch break among older high school kids who spend way too much money on food.
Is anyone going to butta? (Norwegian: Noen som skal pรฅ butta?)
by heisathogwarts June 02, 2015
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V., to ejaculate, or finish
I had to butta your mom's hair and she had to use a whole bottle of shampoo to get it out.
by Banana Hands January 28, 2003
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