The sexual position involving two people, preferably females, and one double ended dildo. You can figure out the rest. This position was popularized by the film "Requiem for a Dream".
"Do butt to butt!"
by mikeschneider May 15, 2006
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A phrase used to describe an awkward situation
So I walked in on Bob and Kelly making out it was a major butt on butt situation
by Zebben December 3, 2010
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the butt to butt challenge is where you go asshole to asshole and try to shit into the other persons buttpipe
Mike and Jim made s huge mess in the shower during their butt to butt challenge.
by Dirty Dickerson June 5, 2017
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Jesus' butt, which has been fucked more than anything else in history, also known as Jesus' arse ass
Guy: "I love butt dick butt, and by that I mean that I dick it. It feels good."
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resuscitating someone, through their anus, using the power of the fart
Holy crap, Brandon was sleeping, and I totally gave him butt to butt resuscitation.
by Mechanic February 27, 2004
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A movie made by the great Lisa Donnellan in reference to a pornographic nature. It was done in three different ways with lots of screaming.
I watched butts butts butts the other night. Damn, girlfriend got it going on.
by chase mangus January 16, 2007
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the terms refers to the posture one has after receiving anal sex time and time again. those with butt fuck butt are seen with what appears to be an exaggerated slouch when walking or standing, but in actuality it is unreversable muscle damage of the lower back muscles. the term most often refers to homosexual men, but women are also known to sport butt fuck butt.
family member 1: hey is julian, aunt shandra son, gay?

family member 2: hell yeah, look how that nigga walk.....he got that butt-fuck-butt.
by Brent "Witty" March 5, 2010
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