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When you blast out a dry turd.
I made a whole batch of butt muffins last night.
by Scroto Hoebaggins November 20, 2004
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The term "buttmuffin" is an affectionate term, a term of endearment, used to describe a person with a nice ass (usually a female) โ€“ the "butt" referring to ass, of course, and the "muffin" being a reference to a soft, sweet, sponge cake.

The term "buttmuffin" may also be used to describe a person with a particular fondness for nice, or "sweet", asses; however, the term is not descriptive of faeces, in any way.
Suki said, "hey, buttmuffin", to Mikayla, as she walked into the room, and gave her sweet ass a lil squeeze.
by Suki-M November 15, 2007
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It's when you have a little but of poop sticking out of your anus and you can't quite get the whole turd out so you have to pinch it off and then it looks like a ball type thing or a puff pastry, or rather a muffin.
I tried to take a shit yesterday and I couldn't get the turd out, there was a little inside of my anus for like five min; man that buttmuffin was a tough one!
by ButtMuffin July 05, 2006
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A large mound of fat where the upper butt and lower back meet on a fat chick, often protruding, frequently causes wardrobe malfunctions and creates extra difficulty in finding any clothing that looks good on the butt muffin wearer.

Synonyms: Ghetto Bootie, Table Top Ass, Shelf Ass, and Badonkadonk
She's so fat she not only has a muffin top on the sides, she's even got a butt muffin.

Baby, you can rest your drink on my butt muffin if you'd like.

My jeans never fall down because my butt muffin holds them up.
by 21stcenturydomesticgoddess January 12, 2011
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