a girl with a tight body but a nasty face.
S:damn what a butherface!
T:What's a butherface?
S:everything about her's great butherface.
by Jason November 23, 2003
a girl with a good body and a nasty face. e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker.
she had a smokin body butherface was so nasty I had to get out the old paper bag.
by the prophet March 27, 2003
The origin of this word is that it is something you would say of a girl with a nice body, but an ugly face:
"Dude, everything's hot BUT HER FACE" ie she becomes a "butterface."

Bonus: if you say it about a girl, she thinks it sounds sweet!
"That chick was a butherface. I'd do her if I could paper bag her."
by yer mom November 26, 2003
Butherface often pronounced (butterface) is word used to describe a female of being physically attractive in every area excluding the face. The name litteraly comes from the saying everything about her was good, but her face. Used by all age groups but only by straight men predominatly in the south or "ghetto" city neighborhoods.
butherface (but-her-face)

p1: so how was your date?

p2: she was a butherface.

P1: whats a butherface?
p2: you know everythings good, but her face.