Top osu! player who raped a baby, but was extremely cracked at osu! so people forgave him.
My sister was molested by an Idke once, they let him off the hook because he was a famous osu! player, still streams to this day.
by Sweatily November 24, 2021
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A person that plays osu!
One of the best players of osu!
Yeah, just osu!
Techno: Hey evoy you heard idke got 981pp?
Evoy: Yeah ofc everyone knows that
by grocery store December 21, 2018
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if you don't know english then you might need to go to school or get a teacher to teach you English if you can't then your this dumb to understand what it is
me: hey i don't know English can you teach me?
freind: wait how the fuck did you speak English
me: idk English?
friend: bruh
by your local department March 30, 2022
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steve - hey what does idk ily ttyl mean

tony - i dont know i love you talk to you later
steve - oh km i love you too and ill ask bruce :)
by 69yourdad July 22, 2021
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in conclusion, I aint coming, never was coming, never even considered it.
- Yo, you wanna go out tomorrow?
- Yeah, idk imma see.
by Aightyy January 29, 2020
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Something that someone says when you wanna say/do something to someone that probably won’t end up well.
Me: Can i apologize to B?
C: Idk man
by Pxprobotvidz August 31, 2022
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