One who is a vagina and just happened to not get any
Dustin didn’t want to kiss Hollie therefore he was a pussy bust.
by vortec02 April 5, 2018
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when you have been a naughty boy, you get thrown in the busting can. in here, a bunch of men bust on you and fill up the can, which is about the size of a garbage can, to the brim. in order to survive, you have to drink at least a gallon of sperm, so you don’t drown to the jizz.
player has been eliminated from the match due to death by busting can
by jizz creamery May 7, 2022
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used in making reference to someones ugly face, or odd shaped head.
"check out that piece! , she's got a head like a busted sav!
by bulby the bulbman November 3, 2011
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When you bust a fat nut and it goes everywhere and runs off into a lake.
I gave her a boston bust near a lake
by U.S.S. Condom May 5, 2021
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KP got her star wrecked on a dirty weekend in Londonderry
She got pounded all weekend, pussy is like a busted cabbage
by Captain Ripper1 November 29, 2019
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when a guy busts nut inside a girl during sex but its safe to do so because she is on birth control
You: Did you bang your girlfriend yet?
Friend: Yea dog for sure... she on birth control too!
You: Awesome, so you safety busted in her right?
Friend: Hells yea i did!
by calaburrito July 2, 2009
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Kimberly was about to get some but then Gina ghost busted her.
by calzonealicious March 7, 2009
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