To jizz on someones face or other area.
"Oh yeah, I'm about to bust one in your booty
by DarkHazard May 9, 2011
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Slut: cum on my face.

You: sorry, I’m out of banana juice I had to bust one out.
by Kf5 March 16, 2020
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"balls" is refering to someone's ego

so busting someone's balls would be making them insecure in some way

busting one's balls could be messing with them, annoying them, teasing them, embarrasing them, etc.

they use this phrase a lot in the movie "The Goodfellas"
by Josh June 24, 2006
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To bust one's balls is to mess or joke with someone.
Person 1: I slept with your girlfriend last night.
Person 2: Are you serious?! I'm going to kill you!!
Person 1: I'm just busting your balls! I would never sleep with your girlfriend.
by little t August 2, 2004
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Busting one's ass means to work extremely hard on something often to the point of losing sleep over an unfinished project.
James was making videos on YouTube about video games. Somebody else pops up and he does a similar thing (Let's just call him Christian) and he is getting tens of thousands of subscribers for what he does. James on the other hand is busting his ass out to make good content for his followers and Christian is getting more subscribers every day. Suddenly, other users point out that Christian is a cheap imitation of James and many users unsub from Christian and subscribe to James.

Christian fades away into obscurity and tries to make fake troll videos directed at James's fans. Chris becomes hated by the internet and starts to abuse his partnership and removed entire Youtube channels which criticised him.

Busting one's Ass
by Cazaam October 7, 2014
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Having a wank
Girlfriend: Shag me

Boyfriend: Sorry can't had to bust one out earlier
by paigon178 March 19, 2019
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