when you go pee in da bushes.
(ur climing a tree with ur friend) bruh, i need to get down to go bushwee.
by NBLKHP April 1, 2018
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Weed that is severely lacking in quality; is dry, shitty, and unappealing, doesn't get the job done. Synonymous with reggie.
Eric-"You paid $50 for an eighth of that shit? Bro, that's straight bushweed"
Arex-"Damn, I guess I really got shafted hard on this one. Fuck my drug dealer."
by pacTalk July 13, 2015
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Sometimes smooth and tender other times angry and nosey, basically unlovable and you should get a refund.
Praneet- "Bro are you still smoking that bushweed?"
Timmy- "Not anymore, I smoked it all last night with my mate"
by TheBushW33dMan August 25, 2016
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The absolute highest grade of canabis. One can achieve optimum high with such kush.
Aye ma, you get that reginald bushweed?
by john bush April 14, 2014
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