Also known as a nickname for curly toenails

Symptoms include: cheesy smell
Oh! I havnt cut my toenails for a long time there looking burrows!
by Jdawg911 October 16, 2019
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1. To lounge or to be lazy in a cold dark enviroment while watching a movie or just lying there.
How dare you disrespect my burrow.
I am so burrow right now.
I'm tired I'm gonna go burrow.
Scot said to Stephen,"I am so burrow right now."
by Scot June 03, 2004
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To take a loan from someone. Originated by the habit of digging deep in your pockets to take out money.
My I burrow five dollars?
by Brian February 19, 2005
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to wedge face in between legs when someone is laying on their stomach.
I burrowed her while she was sleeping.
by thevaliantknight September 08, 2008
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a squiggly movement to position oneself farther into a destination
'It's cold. I'm gonna burrow deeper into my blankets'
by jen March 02, 2005
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An slang to describe a boyfriend or husband.(expression from the 1960's).
"Tell your burrow that I said that."
"Bring your burrow to the party."
by DeeBot September 17, 2006
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