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Burrelled is taken from the sexual antics of Patrick Brian "Pat" Burrell, nicknamed "Pat the Bat," He is a former American professional baseball outfielder who played in Major League Baseball. He stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 235 pounds. With huge forearms that match the length and width of his cock (So the legend goes!). Considered sex on a stick, He is known for hitting baseballs as well as every pussy and every female hole in every town he's been in. Wives, sisters, mothers, daughters both married and single.
A vast number of men are crying in their Wheaties because their woman have been "burrelled." i.e. = nailed, porked, spread wide, banged but good, in every hole they have by this amoroushung stud! Forget oysters, I have been told by a female friend that interviewed him that the smell of him had her getting thigh sweats and wanting to wrap her pussy around his log right there in the place where the interview was taking place.
My wife got burrelled when she went over to Pat Burrell and asked for an autograph for our son. She came back walking funny because he
ended up banging her in every hole she has in the stall at the bar we were at. She got the autograph all right but she also got "burrelled" but good, like I said cause she was walking funny for a couple of days after!
burrelled: to be fucked in every hole you have till you are used up!
by freddie beamer June 02, 2013
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The act of cornering and latching on to scared unwilling females. Continuing this act with complete disregard to the females responsiveness
Holy shit! I got burrelled so bad last night. I thought I was done for
by DavidMeeker March 23, 2006
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