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A short, cute girl. Very outgoing and will do anything when it comes to friends. Always flirting with guys. Food lover.
Laughs a lot.

She loves Jesus.
Princy is always flirting with random guys.
by Wjsidbdhdk July 27, 2018
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A very out-going girl, always willing to help out when friends need her, Loves Asian guys, and has an obsession with the Vampire Diaries. Also loves to buy everyone food =) Spits out random facts

She love Jesus.
Person 1: "Ok guys, i have to go pee now"

Princy: " Go enjoy your 1/3 of an orgasm."

**comes back after a while**

Princy: " she's having a little more than 1/3 right now..." t
by awesomechick71093 November 21, 2011
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the memelord of all your friends, will make you cry if you disrespect him by hacking your facebook account
will probably make the funniest memes ever with your face on em. be grateful
Oh! Princy made that meme yesterday look.
Princy invented memes and the whole internet.
That website is down because Princy hacked it.
by biggernamtiddies September 11, 2019
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