The feeling of fire in and around your rectum while taking a poo. Normally a more liquid type of poop.
Man that diarrhea was so bad, it was a burning shit.
by SirGalahad July 15, 2008
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Also known as BSS. It's that burning feeling in your ass during or after shitting due to eating spicy food.
Person A: Remember Jordan from the party a few weeks ago?
Person B: Yeah, why?
Person A: I heard he got diagnosed with Burning Shit Syndrome a few days ago.
Person B: Probably because he regularly eats chili bowls, the dumb fuck.
by shits-in-sinks February 8, 2022
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For when someone/something is shit enough to need to be burned in holy fire.
Random ARMY kid: StAn BtS (bitchass tranny-ass shitters)
Me: are you showing me posters of BTS?
Random ARMY kid: yea
Me: burn that shit, it’s garbage.
by I think this is a good name November 6, 2021
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The burning sensation sometimes experienced while taking a shit.
"I think while taking that shit, I got shit burn"
by Cupcakes and Porn January 6, 2008
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This is what one may experiance after a eating spicy foods, mainley tacos and buritos.
Lets go to the bar Stan, sorry Ben but I just had the worst case of Shit Burns.
by kingMi May 29, 2009
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Originated from being old and having heartburn but can relate to the general aching, burning, pains, etc. associated with getting old.
Person 1: Do you have some tums and an aspirin?

Person 2: Sure. You not feeling well?

Person 3: You know, just getting old. Shit burns!
by KBomb January 21, 2017
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